Signed MASF ETHOS Poster

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This is a summary of what my core values are and a guideline of how I live my life. 11"x17" Poster. It reads...

I am genuine and passionate about what I believe in.

I do not tolerate mediocrity and will always give my best effort.

I hold myself accountable to maintain my integrity and expect the same in others.

I do what I say and finish what I start.

My strength and aggression are a blessing and I utilize them justly.

I  am a protector and will always defend those who cannot defend themselves.

I aim to awaken and instill a new mindset in people.

I  encourage others to follow their passions, pursue happiness and become the best version of themselves.

I aim to inspire the will to fight.

I will always encourage people to be courageous and dare them to be great.

I encourage others to not follow blindly or submit to complacency.

I will be on guard against my pride and always strive to be humble.

I lead by example and practice what I preach.

Attitude is contagious and MINDSET IS EVERYTHING.