This fast is designed to rapidly cut body fat and push you mentally.
Here's a list of the products needed for the Smashin' Greens Juice Fast. You can have up to four (4) juices a day and as much water as you would like. You can also have one (1) protein shake a day after you work out. Make sure it is a low carb/sugar protein. If you must have coffee, it must be black with no creamer or sugar. Each shake consists of 20oz of water and one (1) tablespoon/scooper per powder. For taste use Strikeforce Energy Drink ( Promocode MITCH20 Save 20%) or Mio Water Enhancer. The fast is for five (5) days. Beginners might want to start with three (3) days and see how you feel. Continue to work out as normal. You should also take a multi vitamin during the fast, I prefer the brand RAW ONE. The other products listed below are just products I use in my daily routine. It's as simple as that. No other food or drinks allowed.